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Hip Pain Treatment

Hip Pain Treatment

Chiropractors and hip pain

Can chiropractors help with hip pain?

Types of hip pain:

  • Sacroiliac pain
  • Acetabular pain

Hip pain can stem from one of two joints. What people think of their hip is the connection between the femur and a pelvic bone. This joint is the acetabulum. This joint is one of the most mobile and used joints in the body. As a result, overuse injuries and strain/sprains are common in this area. Degenerative osteoarthritis is also very common in this joint, but typically does not take effect until later on in life. Pain for this joint manifests on the side of the leg.

The second joint associated with hip pain is the sacroiliac joint, or the SI joint. This is where the pelvic bone connects to the spine at the tailbone. This joint bears the brunt of all our weight above our waist. This is a very strong joint and has many muscles and ligaments associated with it. Inflammation of this joint occurs most often with patients in a bent over position and attempt to lift and rotate.

Typically, when this joint is involved, pain presents when direct pressure is placed on a bony prominence in your low back called the PSIS. These bones are on either side of the tailbone around the low back dimples. This pain can radiate down the leg but usually does not go past the butt. Often, SI joint pain is a key indicator of misalignment in the pelvis. The pelvis can rotate forward or back, Side to side and when this happens, it places uneven stress on the SI joint.

Whether it is acetabular pain or SI pain, Dr. Jake has techniques to help permanently correct your problem. Your chiropractor has been highly trained to find any pelvic misalignment and to correct the structure through specific manipulation. Call us today to find out where your pelvic pain is steaming from.Illustration of sacroiliac joint.

Illustration of the acetabular joint, a joint that can cause hip pain.

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