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Neck and Upper Back Pain Treatment

Neck and Upper Back Pain Treatment

Chiropractors and neck pain

Should I see a chiropractor for neck and upper back pain?

Neck and upper back pain is one of the most common chiropractic complaints. Therefore, our doctor is extremely skilled at assessing it. Most of the time, dull persistent neck pain is a result of constant bad posture. It is almost impossible to sit and stand straight. As a result, the head will start to slouch forward. The general rule is for every degree your neck bends forward, is roughly an extra pound of pressure on your upper back.

Think about this current day and age in regards to posture. Your neck is in forward flexion every time you’re at a computer, on a cell phone, scrubbing, sweeping, gardening, studying. This constant stress and pressure eventually leads to permanent slouched posture and neck tension. This is a major contributor to people getting shorter as they get older. If you are already having neck or upper back pain without any known cause, it is likely that degenerative changes have begun.

Chiropractors and whiplash

Can chiropractors help whiplash and strain/sprains?

Repetitive stress is not the only reason for neck pain. Some causes can be traumatic. Whiplash is another common reason to seek out a chiropractor. Car accidents as slow as 5 mph can cause whiplash symptoms. Following any neck injury, everyone must be evaluated by a trained professional to ensure no underlying damage has occurred. Treatment for neck injuries first included a detailed exam to ensure the patient is a candidate for chiropractic manipulation. If all exams show it is safe to adjust your doctor will administer a specific manipulation to the cervical spine focused at increasing the range of motion for the specific segment contacted. This adjustment restores proper mechanics and range of motion to the body.

Is it safe to crack my own neck?

It is highly recommended that patients not “self adjust” their necks. Most of the time, a segment that pops on its own through a self adjustment is a segment that already moves too much. It is compensating for the lack of motion in another one. Continued self adjusting could lead to early degenerative changes, or injury. Chiropractors spend many years learning to find the restricted segments and safely restore proper bio mechanics. Leave it to the professionals!

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