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Flexion Distraction Technique

Low back pain is one of the most common complaints people experience. There is extensive research and clinical trials showing the benefits of flexion distraction technique. Treatment of low back pain, just like everything else starts with an exam to identify the source of the symptoms. Without addressing the source, the symptoms will continue to worsen. Once the source is identified, your chiropractic doctor will administer treatment to correct the problem. Sometimes, high velocity, gentle manipulation is needed. In severe cases such as disc problems or severe strain/sprains, decompressive flexion distraction is the optimum treatment.

Here at Central Health we are one of the few providers of flexion distraction therapy. This technique is extremely gentle, extremely effective, and requires no popping, twisting, or pushing on the low back. It is also the gold standard conservative treatment for disc injuries, disc compression and pain radiating into the legs such as sciatica. The treatment works by decompressing and re-hydrating the discs in between each spinal segment. Increased disc space means more room for nerves to exit the spinal column and less chance of any irritation or compression on those nerve roots.

X-ray of compressed disc


Flexion distraction technique works by placing the patient face down and flexing the legs up and down though the use of a specially designed table. While the doctor flexes the legs down, pressure is placed by the doctors other hand on the desired segment in the spine. Everything above the spine contact holds in place, while everything below the contact is stretches down and out, opening up the specific joint complex. This motion repeats 5 to 10 times ensuring proper motion within the joint

Chiropractor performing flexion distraction
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