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Chiropractic Adjustment: High Velocity

Description & Process

Chiropractor performing lumbar adjustment

the high velocity, low amplitude chiropractic adjustment is the foundation of chiropractic care. At Central Health Chiropractic, our doctors train heavily in techniques that yield the highest positive results from the lowest force possible to the human body. These techniques include Diversified, Thompson and Gonstead methodology. Our doctors use these techniques to locate specific segments of the spine that exhibit improper motion and biomechanics causing nervous system dysfunction. Once found, we deliver a fast, low force, manual adjustment, restoring proper motion within the segment and proper neurological transmissions.

This chiropractic adjustment often produce the audible “pop” when administered. This sound is the release of gases withing the joint complex. Because the adjustment is so quick, we use very little pressure to accomplish the desired motion. Simple physics, force = mass X acceleration. The faster the force is administered, the less mass is needed.

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