Chiropractor shows how folks under 35 are turning into ‘old, hunched-backed people

In an Upworthy article, Dr. Jake Boyle sheds light on the concerning issue of young individuals under the age of 35 developing hunchbacks due to excessive phone and computer usage. Dr. Boyle showcases X-ray evidence of misshapen spines in this population, attributing it to the habit of constantly looking down and forward while engaging with technology for long hours. He emphasizes the need for lifestyle changes and offers specific advice to rectify the problem. Dr. Boyle recommends keeping screens at eye level or above, using armrests, and maintaining proper arm and keyboard placement when using a computer. He also suggests taking regular breaks from sitting and walking around, as well as paying attention to sleeping posture by using thin pillows and avoiding positions that strain the neck. Additionally, he provides stretches and exercises such as “The Wall Angel,” forearm planks, seated or standing rows, and chin retractions to improve posture and strengthen the back.

Dr. Boyle’s interview highlights the adverse effects of technology usage on the spinal health of young people. Through his insights and practical recommendations, he emphasizes the importance of making conscious choices and forming healthier habits to prevent the development of hunchbacks and associated spinal issues.