Chiropractors seeing more clients complain of back and neck pain after working from home

In an interview with We Are Iowa, chiropractor Dr. Jake Boyle emphasizes the issue of back pain resulting from working from home. He notes that with the pandemic leading to more people working from home, individuals are often working from their bed or couch and are maintaining a more sedentary lifestyle. Dr. Boyle describes prolonged sitting on soft couches can cause discomfort and pain in the back, neck, and hips, thus emphasizing the importance of good posture and incorporating movement into the daily routine.

Dr. Boyle recommends frequent breaks from sitting and getting up to move around regularly. He suggests incorporating exercise into your daily routine, including stretches, yoga, or simply walking, to improve posture and overall spinal health. Dr. Boyle also notes the importance of avoiding slumping over screens, keeping screens at eye level, and utilizing a supportive chair or cushion. Overall, maintaining good posture and incorporating movement into the daily routine can help prevent back pain and improve spinal health while working from home.

Dr. Boyle’s interview highlights the adverse effects of technology usage on the spinal health of young people. Through his insights and practical recommendations, he emphasizes the importance of making conscious choices and forming healthier habits to prevent the development of hunchbacks and associated spinal issues.