Experience pain or difficulty standing up?
This type of pain referral pattern is caused by the Sacroiliac (SI) Joint. The SI Joint is the largest joint in the pelvis and allows for rotation between the sacrum and the two iliac bones of the pelvis. The bones of the pelvis making up the SI Joint can get stuck in different positions such as rotated forwards, backwards, internally, and externally from a variety of causes such as sitting with your legs crossed, sitting on your wallet, long hours of working on your feet, and pregnancy. When the SI joint is stuck incorrectly it causes improper motion, irritation, and pain. Since the SI joint is so large, it has a large span of spinal nerves that supply it. When that many nerves are involved it creates a large range of pain referral within the hips, groin, and buttocks area which makes the SI joint known as the “not below the knee” pain.
What can Chiropractic do to help?
Drop Technique is a table-specific technique that is very efficient in correcting improper rotation in the pelvis. The pelvic piece of the table pops up prior to the adjustment and drops down during the adjustment. The physics involved with the drop allows for the pelvic bones to experience increased range of motion from the adjustment. Correcting the rotation in the pelvis restores proper range of motion of the SI Joint, therefore reducing irritation and pain.