Gen Z and Millennials are turning into ‘old, hunched-backed people’: chiropractor

Dr. Jake Boyle was interviewed by the New York Post, and here’s what he has to say about a concerning trend among Gen Z and Millennials regarding their posture and spinal health. He highlights that excessive use of mobile phones and computers is leading to spinal deformities and poor posture in these younger individuals. According to Dr. Boyle, slumping over devices for extended periods can result in the development of external occipital protuberances and early-stage arthritis.

To address these issues, Dr. Boyle recommends implementing healthier habits and exercises. He advises individuals to keep their screens at eye level or above, engage in regular stretches, and make adjustments to their sleeping positions. By being conscious of their posture and taking proactive measures, Gen Z and Millennials can prevent further spinal problems and improve their overall spinal health.

Dr. Jake Boyle’s insights and recommendations serve as a valuable resource for the younger generation to address the growing concern of poor posture and spinal deformities caused by excessive technology usage.