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Late in July of 2021 we at Central Health Chiropractic held a charity event for the Blank Park Zoo. It takes thousands of dollars to keep the zoo operational every single day. The zoo does not receive city dollars but instead receives its funds entirely through ticket sales, events head at the zoo and donations. Through the pandemic, all of the zoo’s sources of income were decimated forcing them into tough situations. Now, with the pandemic on the downward spiral things are starting to get back to normal but things have still not fully recovered. We here at Central Health Chiropractic wanted to help.

For the week of July 12th through 16th, we provided all services performed in the clinic in exchange for a donation of any amount to the zoo. Through this effort, we were able to raise over $1,500 for the zoo. Obviously this is a small amount compared to the operating costs for the entire zoo but anything helps.

Dr. Jake Boyle at Blank Park Zoo
Charity event for Blank Park Zoo

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As a native of the Des Moines area, Dr. Jake wishes to help promote and prop up the community. This is why we will continue to have these types of events periodically throughout the year. To date, we have held 2 charity events. The first being for the Animal Rescue league. The second being this event for the Blank Park Zoo. We are constantly looking for local causes or people who are in need of a little help. If you know of someone or have a good cause around the Des Moines area, please reach out to us through our email at We will happily review and potentially hold another event to help