An overall approach to health and wellness

Genesis Personal Training with Dr. Jake Boyle

Genesis Personal Training is now offered through Central Health Chiropractic. Dr. Jake Boyle with Central Health Chiropractic is now partnered with Genesis Merle Hay as a personal trainer. We a Central Health Chiropractic believe in a comprehensive approach to healthcare and wellness.

To this end, We are offering our patients here at Central Health Chiropractic 2 complimentary personal training sessions with Dr. Jake Boyle at the Genesis Merle Hay locations. These sessions will evaluate your overall muscular structure and bio-mechanics. Following these complimentary sessions, Dr. Jake Boyle will develop personalized chiropractic care plans to address your spinal needs. He will also develop personalized exercise routines to correct any muscular issues.

Our goal at Central Health Chiropractic is to provide you with any means necessary to achieve your health and wellness goals. With chiropractic adjustments we can meet your spinal, joint and pain relief needs. Through Genesis Personal Training we can meet your muscular development and bio-mechanical needs.

What does this partnership mean for you?

So whats the offer?

Through our partnership with Genesis gym at the Merle Hay location, Our patients receive the following

    • complete bio-mechanical evaluation for muscular inefficiencies
    • 2 complimentary training sessions one on one with doctor Jake Boyle on location at Genesis Merle Hay
    • Individualized exercise plan to meet your health and wellness goals
    • Chiropractic evaluation for structural and neurological inefficiencies
    • Personalized Chiropractic treatment plan to your specific condition

Meeting your overall health and wellness goals

If you are looking for more then from your current healthcare providers, Central Health Chiropractic is standing by to help. If you are looking for an actual fix to your pain symptoms or wellness goals, we are here to help. We at Central Health Chiropractic believe in HEALTHcare, not SICKcare. We believe in addressing and correcting the problem itself rather then masking the problem with drug and other so called “quick fix” products. If you are a like minded person please reach out to us to learn more about this partnership and finally achieve your health goals.