February Events at Your Des Moines Chiropractor

Des Moines Wellness Chiropractor

Wellness chiropractor. February is one of the worst months in Iowa. Short days, no sun, cold weather and everyone around you getting sick takes its tole one our bodies both physically and mentally. Because of this, we are dedicating each week in February to a specific common condition seen in our office. For each week we will have a related free giveaway to each one of our new patients specific to each dedicated condition. We are also providing free consultations related to the dedicated weekly condition to help ease your worries about your condition.

Wellness Chiropractor

February 3 – 7 and February 10 – 14

Feb 3 – 7

This week will be focused on migraines and headaches. Every new patient this week will receive a free postural strap with their first appointment. This devise is placed on your back, under your shirt and helps keep your mind on sitting in good posture throughout the day. We will also fill the office with information and products dedicated to helping migraines and headaches.

Feb 10 – 14

We will be focusing on Low Back Pain for this week. Every new patient who books their first appointment this week will get a free spinal decompression therapy with their appointment. In addition, each patient will receive lumbar para-spinal muscular percussion massage therapy. Dr. Jake is a leader in conservative treatment of spinal disc injuries. This is a great opportunity for people who have been dealing with a disc herniation to finally get answers on how to actually fix the problem. Often, people with low back pain believe it is something they just have to live with. We are here to tell you this is just not true.


Feb 17 – 21

For the next 5 days we will be focusing on hip pain. There are 2 main joints that can cause hip pain. The SI joint, (which is where your spine attaches to your pelvis) and your acetabular joint, (where your pelvis attaches to your femur.) There are also many muscles, ligaments, bursa and tendons that attach at this area. Determining what is giving your the problem will dictate what care you should receive and what exercises you do. For example, without a diagnosis you may be stretching the wrong muscle or the wrong way. This week we are offering free consultations for people with hip pain to determine the CAUSE of the pain. We are also giving away a free knee pillow to keep the hips aligned as you sleep.

Feb 24 – 28

This week we will be focusing on neck and upper back pain. This type of pain is very common in people with office jobs. Similarly, with people in driving jobs. Semi-truck drivers, for instance. 8+ hours hunched over behind a computer or steering wheel causes the head to progressively slouch forward. This increases tension on the upper back and puts a tremendous amount of stress on our traps. We are now seeing the typical “old man/woman hunch” developing at a younger and younger age as we move into the age of cellphones and computers. This week we will again be offering a free back postural strap to help keep you conscious of your posture while at work. This will be the last week of our wellness chiropractic awareness month.