What is the biggest problem with the flatten the curve strategy?

How should we be fighting the virus?

How should we be fighting the virus? Why can 2 people who contract the same disease, exhibit vast differences in severity of the symptoms?
Let’s even reduce the variables further: why do two people, who are the same age, same race, same sex, both with no underlying heath conditions, and even have the same body type, experience illness in 2 completely different ways?

The answer is simple: The body of the person who experiences less severe symptoms, more effectively resists and fights a virus.

Said another way: The body of the person who has more severe symptoms cannot effectively resist and fight a virus thus creates an optimal environment for the virus to thrive within that body.

So, in 2 people who have virtually the same demographics and no underlying conditions, what are the differences that causes one body to resist a virus better than the other?

How do viruses affect the human body?

Let’s start with the basics:

First, the condition of the body does not affect the ability of the person to be exposed to a virus. Everybody, regardless of how healthy you are, will contract a virus at the same rate.

Think about it! We are exposed to pathogens every day. Every time you grab a doorknob, a stair railing, play outside, basically do anything unless you are in a clean room, you are exposed to bacteria and viruses. It is an inevitability that you will be exposed to pathogens every day, but simply being exposed to a pathogen does not mean you will become ill. Otherwise, every time you went outside you would get sick!

Second: The condition of the body DOES determine the effect a virus or pathogen will have on the body.

What really determines if a pathogen will take hold in the person is not by simply contracting or being in contact with the pathogen. Rather, the key determining factor in how bad a disease will affect a body is the underlying condition of the host body.


In health we should try to control what we can actually control

How should we be fighting the virus?

Exposure to pathogens is inevitable. We can’t avoid it and for the most part, we can’t control it. What we can control is our body’s health and ability to resist when exposed. Why are we not focusing on the things we can control? A lot of people forget that the entire government plan in place right now of “flattening the curve” is NOT DESIGNED TO PREVENT PEOPLE FROM COMING IN CONTACT WITH THE VIRUS! It is designed to space out the contact so the healthcare system is not overrun. So even our top leaders KNOW AND ADMIT exposure to the virus IS INEVITABLE.

In a recent study performed in 2015 scientists took air samples from a variety of environments including both indoor and outdoor to find out how many potential pathogens are in the air. On average, they took in 110 liters of air. Each sample in every environment contained 10s of thousands of virus and bacteria like particles. There is simply no avoiding them! This is why it is so easy for viruses like COVID-19 to spread.

So, what is it that controls whether our body is healthy and has the ability to resist pathogens? The answer: The overall function of the internal systems of the body!

How should we be fighting the virus?

What determines the health of our internal bodily systems?

Do you think a person who has a horrible diet is more or less able to resist pathogens? What about someone who doesn’t exercise? What about someone who drinks too much? Smokes too much? What about someone who sits at a desk all day? Or doesn’t get enough water to flush the system out? The next question… can you take one look at someone’s basic demographic (their age, height, weight, sex, race) and tell if they lead a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle? You can’t.

So if your confused about why people who are the same age, sex, race height or weight can get vastly different symptoms to the same disease, maybe you should look deeper than basic demographics. If you lead an unhealthy life, you make yourself more vulnerable to disease.

The older you get and the longer you keep an unhealthy lifestyle, the more damage the internal systems sustain. Age in itself though is just a number and is not the key factor. How much damage has accumulated in your body is the underlying factor. Ever notice some people in their 50s can look like they are 80 while others in their 50s look like they are 30? And not just physical damage, chemical and emotional damage effect human physiology as well. Is race or sex a factor in pathogen exposure and resistance? NO!! SO WHY ARE WE FOCUSED ON THESE FACTORS?

Do basic demographics determine our health?

Do basic demographics determine liver function? What about intestinal function? What about the resiliency of someone’s immune system? Or more importantly, the nervous system which controls the immune system? Can you look at someone purely by age, weight, height, sex, or race and tell me they do or don’t have slight liver damage, intestinal damage, or the resiliency of their immune system? Can you tell just by looking at someone if they drink a little more than they should? If they eat a good diet? If they are suffering from depression, anxiety or other mental illness? Can you tell what surgeries, injuries or underlying conditions someone has simply by their basic demographics? No you cannot…. All of these things determine the true health of an individual and often times never manifest in observable physical traits.

How should we be fighting the virus?

How to avoid the second wave?

Now, you might be asking is there any good news that you want to tell us? And the answer is yes! No matter how much damage your body has undergone you can still reverse the degenerative process through simple healthy lifestyle changes. Everyone knows how to get healthy. It’s not hard! It just takes commitment and repetition. DON’T STOP AFTER 2 OR 3 WEEKS OTHERWISE YOU ACOMPLISHED NOTHING! Nobody’s done a bench workout once or twice and turned into a body builder. You MUST commit to a healthier lifestyle or things won’t change. Below are some of the best things you can do now to start strengthening your body.

    • Drink plenty of water
    • Exercise 30 min 3X/week
    • Eat a healthy diet
    • Get up and move every 30 min if you work at a desk
    • Most importantly, ensure the most important structure and system of your body is performing optimally – your spine and nervous system. Chiropractors have been in the wellness and prevention business for over a hundred years. They are experts in motivating people to become the best versions of themselves. Getting involved with a good wellness chiropractor is the best thing you can do for your overall health. They can teach you things you’ve never heard before.